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The Beckets Pub Glastonbury is a great local pub that’s favoured by many. The goal here was to help promote and drive more business to a hidden gem in the heart of Glastonbury town centre.


The Beckets Pub Glastonbury


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What was the solution?

Blunt Notion provided The Beckets Pub Glastonbury with a comprehensive web development solution, encompassing web design, WordPress website development, SEO optimisation, web hosting, and ongoing maintenance.

The Beckets Pub, a beloved establishment nestled in the heart of Glastonbury, sought to revitalise its online presence to better reflect its welcoming ambiance and exceptional offerings. Blunt Notion stepped in to deliver a comprehensive solution that seamlessly blends captivating design, user-friendly navigation, and strategic SEO optimisation.

Our team of experienced designers meticulously crafted a website that exudes the pub’s warmth and inviting atmosphere. The design seamlessly integrates high-quality imagery to evoking the sense of comfort and camaraderie that The Beckets Pub is known for. The colour palette and typography complement the pub’s traditional aesthetic, while the overall layout ensures intuitive navigation and effortless exploration of the website’s content.

Our team conducted thorough keyword research and optimised the website’s content to attract potential customers seeking a traditional pub experience with a modern twist. Additionally, we built backlinks to the website from reputable sources, further enhancing its visibility and search engine ranking.

We provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the website remains up-to-date, secure, and blisteringly fast. This proactive approach ensures that The Beckets Pub’s online presence continues to attract potential customers and effectively promote its exceptional offerings.


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