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Preserving the architectural heritage of Somerset, Devon and Dorset is at the core of Tempus Windows’ mission. This specialist sash window restoration company offers a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern expertise to breathe new life into tired period properties.


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What was the solution?

Blunt Notion provided Tempus Windows with a comprehensive web development solution, encompassing web design, WordPress website development, SEO optimisation, web hosting, and ongoing maintenance.

Our team of skilled designers and developers crafted a visually stunning website that reflects the elegance and heritage inherent in period properties. Easy navigation allows potential clients to seamlessly explore Tempus Windows’ services and the value they bring to restoring period homes.

But we went beyond just the looks. We implemented robust SEO strategies to enhance Tempus Windows’ online reach. Through a comprehensive audit, we identified key areas for improvement. We optimised website content, meta descriptions, and technical aspects to ensure strong ranking for relevant search queries related to sash window and door restoration services in Somerset, Devon and Dorset. This ongoing process ensures Tempus Windows attracts potential clients actively seeking these services in their target counties in the south west.

We also provide reliable web hosting and ensure smooth website operation. Our ongoing maintenance address any technical issues promptly and keeps the website’s content and functionality up-to-date. This ensures Tempus Windows’ website remains a valuable asset for attracting new clients and showcasing their expertise.

By combining high quality design, strategic SEO, and reliable hosting, Blunt Notion have given Tempus Windows an opportunity to continue their mission of preserving the architectural heritage of Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

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